Find information about how to get involved with our upcoming workshops!


Illuminate 2018 artist Caroline Mercer will be running a series of workshops for children ages 5-14 (Key Stages 1-3), in the run up to the festival, to create the LODESTAR, a ship of hope and promise. Participating children will each make a porcelain tile, which will then be fired, glazed and stitched together to form the main sail which will power LODESTAR’s timber frame. Each tile will be unique to its maker, the children can take inspiration from whatever they please – a memory, object, passion or person, a talent or wish. The LODESTAR ship will then be displayed at illuminate 2018, lit up to showcase each of the children’s tiles.
The children will also be allowed to make a second porcelain tile to take home, and proudly show to parents, carers and friends!

Illuminated Illustrations

Come along and create neon monsters using paints, inks and graphite, guided by Illustrator and character designer Jack Viant.

A fun opportunity to make a mess and express your inner artist, there is no right or wrong on Jack’s workshop, the crazier the designs, the better!

Tickets £3 per child

Above Bounds – Puppets and Lights

Above Bounds Theatre Collective will be lighting up Royal William Yard during Illuminate 2018 with their family friendly puppet installation- ‘Fishco Disco’.
Now, you can come and join this underwater disco by creating your very own puppet to light up the Yard! During the workshop, Above Bounds Theatre will lead you throw the process of making a light-up fish puppet, including using materials you may use everyday.
After the workshop, you can bring the puppet along to the evening activities before taking home to impress friends and family. To take part, all you need to bring is an empty plastic bottle (clean), enthusiasm and a love for disco dancing marine life!
Further information: The workshop is best suited for ages 3-8. There will be spare plastic bottles at the workshop.

Photography Workshop

PCA Young Arts Illuminate Workshops Experienced photographer and tutor Jamie House will deliver a suite of fun and creative photography workshops that will give participants the chance to experiment with Light and photography.

Participants will use digital SLR cameras and a range of light sources. Participants will get the chance to do fully control DSLR cameras capturing high speed movement with stroboscopic flash, and capturing amazing and hypnotic light trails and patterns using painting with light techniques.

Entry Requirements: Courses will cater for mixed ability levels and no prior experience is required.