We are proud to introduce our travel partners… 

Plymouth CityBus and Plymouth Boat Trips!

We are trying to do our bit for the planet by reducing the festivals carbon footprint. If you’re attending Illuminate this year, why not think of alternative ways you could travel? Plymouth City Bus and Plymouth Boat Trips are providing extra services for the festival to make it even easier to access the event.


To avoid a heavy build up of traffic and to make sure everyone can attend the festival we will not be allowing event parking at Royal William Yard. 

Residents and disabled parking will still be available upon entry to Royal William Yard.


There are more ways than ever to travel to this years festival, plan your travel below…


Plymouth Citybus will be holding two services to help you access the festival.    

Traveling from Royal Parade:
Catch an open top bus every 20 minutes from any of these locations. You may alight from Derry’s Cross Roundabout or stop A8 on the other side. 


Bus travel from the Royal William Yard:

Catch the 34, 34A every 15 mins  If you are in the city centre head to stop A8 to catch this service. The Full Timetable and route is viewable here.

Ocean City Sights open top: Royal Parade > Barbican > Royal William Yard > Royal Parade 

Catch an open top bus every 20 minutes from Royal Parade (A8), The Barbican or Royal William Yard.

The first bus will depart Royal Parade A8 at 16:00 and will stop at the Barbican, Mayflower Steps, Tinside Lido, West Hoe, Royal William Yard, Admiral’s Hard, Union Street and back to Royal Parade. Subsequent services will depart Royal Parade (A8) every 20 minutes. 

The last service from Royal Parade will depart at 22:00

The first open top service to depart Royal William Yard will be at 16:21, with subsequent services throughout the evening every 20 minutes until 22:21

The number 21 and 21A bus service stops at Stonehouse Bridge (a short walk to Royal William Yard) The route and timetable information can be accessed here


Park and Ride – Milehouse Park and Ride Service:

Running every 15 minutes a car park shuttle will circle from Milehouse Park and Ride to Royal William Yard (Via Stoke) and back to the City Centre with a return journey to Milehouse Park and Ride. 

The first bus will depart Royal Parade stop A8 at 16:00, stopping at Milehouse Park & Ride at 16:10 and arriving at Royal William Yard at 16:25. Buses will then depart Royal William Yard from 16:30, then every 15 minutes until 23:45 to Royal Parade.

The last bus from Royal William Yard back to Milehouse Park & Ride will depart at 23:00. Please refer to temporary timetables in the departure bus stops or CLICK HERE for more information.




Click here for the official Illuminate Timetable.

Further information on the additional Plymouth City Bus services for Illuminate can be found here



Evening ticket on either service for £2. Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children) £5. 

Traveling on both services?

£3 per person or £7.50 for the family ticket. 

Concession card holders accepted.


Plymouth Boat trips will be running extra ferry services for the event.  

Depart: Barbican landing stage (Mayflower Steps) for Royal William Yard
17:00 18:30 20:00 21:30 

Depart: Royal William Yard For Mount Edgcumbe (Cremyll Quay)
17:30 19:00 20:30 22:00

Depart: Mount Edgcumbe (Cremyll Quay) for Royal William Yard
17:45 19:15 20:45 22:15

Depart: Royal William Yard  for Barbican
18:00 19:30 21:00 22:30

Weather, tide & circumstances permitting

Barbican to RWY or Mount Edgcumbe connections
Single Fares:
Adults £3.50, Children £2.50 (3–15 inclusive)
Children 2 and under – FREE.
Bikes £2.50 

A quick ferry hop: RWY to Mount Edgcumbe connections
Single Fares:
Adults £2.00, Children £1.00 (3–15 inclusive)
Children 2 and under – FREE.
Bikes £1.00

All fares are taken on board and will be cash only.


The Royal William Yard is roughly 30-minutes walk from Plymouth city centre.


Why not cycle to illuminate? There are plenty of lock-up spaces for bikes in the Yard, details of which can be
found on the Royal William Yard website.


There are several car parks within a short walk of Royal William Yard. There is no event parking on-site apart from for residents and disabled badge holders.

Western Approach (20 mins walk) – 1200 spaces –  PL1 1AJ

Martin Street Car Park (15mins walk) – 100 spaces – PL1 3NE

Brunel Way Car Park (15 mins walk) – 150 spaces – PL1 3EF


In addition to the local car parks we also have two additional park and walk sites:

Stonehouse Creek Car Park


You can also park in the City Centre car parks and use the bus links to Royal William Yard on the 34/34A, 21/21A and Ocean City Sights bus services.