illuminate light festival

26 – 29 November 2020

2020 Call for proposals – Established artists
Illuminate light festival invites you to propose a light artwork for the 2020 festival. The deadline for proposals is 10th April 2020.

the brief

Illuminate is committed to supporting established and emerging artists wanting to work through the medium of light. Illuminate 2020 is seeking exciting proposals for light art installations, and projections that will captivate, inspire and interact with audiences, whilst encapsulating the following Mayflower 400 values; freedom, humanity, imagination and future.

As part of this process, the Illuminate producers will support you in the following:

  • Brokering relationships and developing collaborative working
  • Access to expertise 
  • Information on additional funding to facilitate your work

This call for proposals is specifically for commissioning existing:

  • Light art installations
  • Projection mapping

We’re looking for content that is authentically light based and will give the visitor an immersive and powerful experience across 5 days of activities.


We’ve put together some information to help you with your proposal.  The first is a Google Map (below) which includes locations, details and images.

The locations we ask you propose an idea for are the following, each with corresponding guidance on the medium of light art we seek: 

  • Location 1: Melville Courtyard – Installation
  • Location 2: Mills Bakery – Projection mapping
  • Location 3: Secret Garden – Installation
  • Location 4: The Green – Installation
  • Location 5: Devil’s Point – Open to ideas
  • Location 6: Royal William Yard Steps – Installation 

We highly recommend you take a look at the map before starting your application as the curatorial process will be based on these locations.


We encourage you to specify your preferred location in your proposal. However, please note that your preference cannot be guaranteed in every circumstance.

The final programme, artworks and locations will be curated by the Illuminate team and should your proposal be selected, we reserve the right to work with you to secure a location that best fits your artwork, in the context of the festival. We do not foresee any complications here but we feel it important to notify applicants of this, in advance of your submission.


considerations for
your proposal

Please read before you apply!

Outdoor Festival

The event will take place across a 16 acre site and most activity will be outdoors.  Your work will need to be robust enough to withstand rain and wind. If an indoor space is required, please specify this in your proposal.


Please submit a budget. This should include:

  • Artist fees
  • Material and technical costs
  • Production and installation costs
  • Transport and travel costs

The Illuminate production team will advise and support successful applicants to put together a more detailed budget if necessary. This may include access to fundraising opportunities. The team can also source and/or provide technical equipment, site infrastructure etc but please include items you may require in your submission. 


All proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Audience experience
  • Technical feasibility
  • Creative concept
  • Financial feasibility


I’ve identified a location I really want to use for my work but the EOI says that the Illuminate team may want to suggest other locations, why?

Our ambition is to provide an immersive and powerful experience for our audience and this will be at the forefront of our minds when we are selecting the artworks that will feature at the event.  This, and practical implications may mean that we need to change locations. If selected we will discuss options with you and find the best possible location.

You have asked about the technical equipment I need for my work but I don’t know at this stage, what shall I put on the form?
It helps us to know as much information as possible  about your work so please indicate to the best of your ability the equipment you might need. If you’re not sure yet, let us know and one of the production team may call you during the evaluation process to talk through your submission so we can get a better understanding of what you want to achieve.
I have a great idea but I don’t have any experience of what I would need to bring it to life, what shall I do?
Look at our emerging artists call for proposals which is a process tailored so that our production team can work with artists to bring ideas to life.
What additional paperwork will I be expected to supply to support my work?
If selected we will provide an artist agreement which will outline our expectations from you as an artist and us as the festival producers.  We will require a risk assessment and you will be responsible for your own insurance for the work. Evidence of this will be requested at the same time as a signed agreement.
If my work is selected how long will I have to install it?
We will have 3 – 5 days before the event opens to the public.  We will provide a schedule for installation and work with all artists to ensure they have the support needed.
Will I be able to test my work prior to the event?
 If selected, our production and technical team will discuss the possibility of testing your work prior to the event.
Can I submit more than one proposal?
Yes. We have no limit on submissions per artist/collective.

apply for illuminate 2020

To make an application please fill in our online application form. Please make sure you have read through all the application criteria carefully and include all the necessary information required. You must fully complete and submit this application in order to be considered for Illuminate light festival 2020.

The deadline for proposals is the 8th April 2020.

apply now